Digital leadership programme

Empowering women with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed as digital leaders today
classroom digital leadership programme

The Digital Leadership Programme aims to increase the number of women in digital leadership positions – and thus serves a fundamental social and economic purpose. Women are historically underrepresented in digital leadership roles, and this programme seeks to provide them with the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed as digital leaders today.

Transforming digital learners into digital leaders

With this belief that tomorrow’s digital leaders are today’s digital learners, the Digital Leadership Programme offers an intensive, invaluable educational experience for women with digital leadership ambitions. Participants will learn all about the latest technologies and their impact on transformation strategies, digital leadership, innovation, new business models and organisational development. 

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Dates Digital Leadership Programme 2019/2020:

Module 1: Innovation and new technologies
September 17 and 18; October 10
Module 2: Big data and digital marketing strategy
October 29; November 21 and 22
Module 3: Transformation strategies, business processes and technology
December 19; January 14 and 15
Module 4: Digital transformation and leadership
February 13; March 3 and 4
Training Basic Coding
December 3 and 4

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Miriam Hendriksen

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The programme inspired me and made me think about my role in the digital transformation and what type of company I would like to work for.

Manager Operational Excellence at PON.

Esther Rijkeboer

First slide
Through this programme, I gained broad knowledge of what is happening in the digital world.

IT Manager Business Requirements at PostNL.

Mijke Loven-van Diemen

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The topics addressed were very relevant to the domain in which I work. As a leader you need to have a certain digital DNA in your portfolio.

Training basic coding

Learn to code in only two days!
classroom digital leadership programme

Coding is the language of the digital age, which powers all the computer systems, apps, websites and software that we use every day. If you are interested in learning how to code, this two-day training course would be perfect for you. You will be introduced to the basics of coding, and gain a better understanding of how coding is utilised to enable us to communicate with our computers and tell them what we want them to do.

No coding experience is required for the course – it does not matter if you have dabbled in coding previously or have never written a single line of code. During the course, you will learn how coding works and will be guided through the basics of coding using the Python programming language.

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Jennifer Gravenstijn

This hands-on training allowed me to experience what it takes to build something from scratch. It gave me the opportunity to see things through the eyes of a developer.

Transformation Manager ING Tech

Nihad Chairi

The Python course was exhausting and fun at the same time. It motivated me to continue to learn coding.

Agile change and project manager at Nationale-Nederlanden

Barbera Dado

Yes! I can still programme and I really liked it!
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